Let your luck and intuition guide your moves while you enjoy 100% the newest game in the niche. Casino Battle embodies a new idea in the card games ‘industry’, and provides you with simple but exciting game making your time pass easier while having a good time and lots of fun.

The rule is simple: “Guess if the next card will be higher or lower or if it’s going to black or red, as simple as that!” this game is perfect both for the times when you’re let’s say a bit tired and don’t have the focus of cracking a puzzle or making complex moves and you can also play it when full of energy and eager to see how far you can go!

The game presents two main modes of playing: with one card for those who feel like taking it slowly and with three cards for those players who feel like their luck really struck them. The game presents the features of a real deck, which means players will not find two identical cards in the game and your moves will slide perfectly…well until your luck runs off!

The main rule for you is to stay in the game for as much as possible and guess correctly every time. With this game there is no calculus to be made or situations to be analyzed and everything simply goes by heart, trust your intuition and let yourself win lots of money. This card game is way simpler than a typical casino game because all the complicated buttons and rules have been eliminated and everything is fast and clearer.

You can even provoke your friends to see which one of you is luckier, test your ‘guts’ and see which one of you is ready to win the lottery.

The graphic of the game is simple and easy to handle and while Casino Battle introduced a new game concept and faster controls, it kept the same classical background players are used to of decades by now!

Let your heart guide you and you’ll be winner certainly! High or low, red or black…it’s up to you!